The former lovers have a tough conversation on this week's episode

By Michele Corriston
Updated December 02, 2020 12:42 AM

Put down the wine glass and bust out some tissues, Gladiators.

Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant will exchange more than awkward glances and tender pinky touches on this week’s episode of Scandal – and PEOPLE has the exclusive first look at their reunion.

Ever since Olivia (Kerry Washington) left her fabulous island life behind to return to D.C., she and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) have been cautiously avoiding each other, trying to fulfill their promise to cool off their steamy love affair in the tragic wake of Mellie’s rape, Little Jerry’s death and, now, Harrison’s murder.

But when Fitz needs her help to handle a crisis, Olivia finds herself right back in the Oval Office.

“Burying yourself in work isn’t always the best thing when you lose someone,” she cautions.

“Running away isn’t always the best thing either,” he says.

Cue longing looks.

“Liv, where did you go?” he pleads as the telltale Olivia-and-Fitz-having-a-romantic-moment theme song begins to sweetly strum in the background. “Where did you go? You just took off for two months all alone?”

Hardly – she was hooking up under the sun with a buff and scruffy Jake (Scott Foley) off the coast of Zanzibar.

But how does she respond? Check out the video above, and tune in to Scandal on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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