The fixer shares a tense moment with Jake

Credit: ABC

President Fitz may want to check on that gun control legislation he’s pushing through Scandal‘s fictional Congress.

In a sneak peek of the simmering ABC show’s winter finale – exclusively on – Jake (Scott Foley) makes sure Olivia (Kerry Washington) is armed and ready to take on Papa Pope.

Jake, who just outed Rowan as the big baddie behind the assassination of Fitz’s son, looks like he’s next on the former Command’s hit list. And Olivia, his maybe-girlfriend (Does her making out with the president in a super secret bunker mean they’re broken up?) could also be in danger.

“My father wouldn’t kill me,” she insists.

Oh, really?

“I’m sure he thinks the same about you,” Jake replies.

Watch him teach her how to fire in the video above. Their chemistry may be hot, but Olivia’s determined stare is oh so cold.

Scandal airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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