Huck reunites with his family – but did he betray the Gladiators?
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Scandal‘s Gladiators better hold on to their white hats.

Thursday night’s episode was mostly a set-up for the next swooping dramatic arc: The takedown of B613 (no, really this time), and possibly your favorite characters along with it.

“You gave me those files,” Attorney General David Rosen (Joshua Malina) said in the penultimate scene. “You said, ‘Go get the bad guys.’ ”

“Rosen, we are the bad guys,” Jake (Scott Foley) replied.

“Not anymore,” David insisted.

But is that really true? Because for all the good the employees of Pope & Associates do, their fixing hasn’t exactly followed the letter of the law.

Most Scandalous Moments

• Susan Ross (Artemis Pebdani) panicked during her first major press appearance as the nominee for vice president, erupting into a snorting, giggling mess. Luckily, Abby (Darby Stanchfield) and Leo (Paul Adelstein) joined their PR powers to turn her from a national laughingstock to a Jimmy Kimmel darling. But after a lovers’ spat, Abby needed Olivia (Kerry Washington) to seal the deal. And, in the end, the couple made up in a super weird but kind of steamy scene that had us second guessing Abby and David as our OTP.

• Liv convinced Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) to head to the Capitol with his tail between his legs so the Democratic senators would forgive him for going to war and vote to confirm Susan. Their emotional exchange showed that she wasn’t even close to accepting his apology for trying to save her life at the expense of his legacy. “You made a mockery of democracy,” she said. “You know why I did it,” he pleaded as their theme music swelled, but instead of sharing a kiss, Liv took a step back. “Go to the Hill,” she said bitterly, “and beg them to forgive you.” Ouch.

• But most of the episode focused on Liv’s lingering trauma: At the start, she was seen alone in her dark apartment, warding off PTSD flashbacks with a gun in one hand and a glass of white wine – WHITE! – in the other. She found purpose in trying to help Rose, her “missing” neighbor Lois’s friend (and as it turned out, secret love) from a few weeks back, find her. Huck (Guillermo Déaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes) tracked Lois’s body to a state park in Maryland, but Liv lied to spare Rose pain, saying she was found sitting peacefully on a bench in Georgetown, basking in the sun, after dying from a painless aneurysm. And, in the end, Liv threw out the cushion still stained with wine from her abduction and grabbed a big bowl of popcorn and, yes, glass brimming with her signature red wine.

• Huck’s wife Kim (Jasika Nicole) finally decided to believe him about B613 and confronted David with his own, color-coordinated files. After she refused to back down, Huck agreed to testify, promising David and Jake that he’d lie, saying he was suffering from PTSD and made up the whole crazy thing. But he chose his family over his co-workers at the last minute, giving a chilling account of the Hole (seriously, someone toss Déaz an Emmy) that stunned David into agreeing to do the right thing: moving forward with the investigation into the U.S. government’s dirty little secret.

• Huck and Kim kissed! They’re the perfect little family again, with adorable Javi by their side. Bad news for Huckleberry Quinn shippers, though she hinted that she’s been having drunk sex on the side with Charlie.

Best Quotes

• “What’s her jam? Tiny aliens running the Department of the Treasury?” – David

• “It was just one laugh!” – Susan
“Howard Dean had just one scream. Dukakis only ride in one tank, Mark Sanford only hiked one trail.” –Leo

• “You want to get some dinner? Check the morgues together?” –Quinn, making plans with Huck as if they are normal people

• “It’s okay to be afraid. Sometimes fear keeps us safe. Sometimes, it holds us back.” –Olivia

• “Do it again. Fire me. Only this time put on those high-heeled boots I found in the back of your closet.” –Leo
“You’re disgusting.” –Abby
“I know.” –Leo

Questions for Next Week

• Who will be implicated in the B613 investigation?

• Will the Gladiators be happy Huck finally has his family back, or angry he put them at risk?

This Week, We’re Team …

Jake … for now. Though they’re totally the end game, we can’t see Olivia getting over Fitz’s declaration of war, though we think it has more to do with her guilt than his risky chivalry. And in her final flashback, while telling Rose that beautiful lie about Lois, she pictured herself back on the beach from the beginning of the season … when she and Jake were truly at bliss. But don’t count on any romantic reconciliation for a bit – Liv still has a lot of inner demons to conquer after her harrowing kidnapping.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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