By Isabella Biedenharn
Updated October 30, 2015 10:30 AM
Nicole Wilder/ABC

It’s always impressive how much drama Scandal can pack into a brief time, and within the first five minutes of this week: Mellie gets blindsided into admitting that she knew about Liv and Fitz’s affair and helped cover it up by paying Jeannine Locke, Cyrus tries to talk Olivia and Fitz into a quickie marriage so she can avoid testifying, and Papa Pope kills someone without even thinking about it. Where could they possibly go from here? Well seems like everywhere.

The OPA gang (Abby included!) has to testify, too, and they jump through various loopholes to avoid actually lying while not being totally open in court. The Jeannine Locke video leak, for example? It was dead Harrison! Olivia doesn’t want to lie, so she’s trying not to testify altogether. The only option anyone can think of is spousal privilege – meaning she’d have to marry Fitz, and fast. She’s not too keen on the idea, and Fitz can sense it. So he plans an elaborate, romantic scene on the balcony, complete with rose petals and an engagement ring that used to belong to Betsy Ross.

But that isn’t what Olivia wants either, “not some fake storybook romance,” like they’ve been trying to sell to the public. They’re not ready for marriage yet, she says. Fitz, both confused and upset, tells her she isn’t ready – and she never will be. She tells him that’s not fair, which it isn’t, but doesn’t have another answer for him.

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Meanwhile, Papa Pope has landed himself in the prison hospital on purpose by faking a heart problem. Yes, this guy is such a master manipulator he can literally control his own heart rate. I don’t know where we go from here because at this rate, the series finale is literally going to be Papa Pope in the White House and everyone else dead. The dude is invincible. After Eli calls Jake, Liv (who hung up on him), and Quinn, he finally somehow convinces Liv to hear him out. And as always, Papa has a solution. He’s got dirt on every member of the senate committee, enough for them to throw the entire trial away. All Liv has to do is get him out of jail. Looks like this is her get-out-of-jail-free card: No jail-like marriage for her, either, if she goes along with it.

So Liv appeals to the only person besides Fitz who could get him out: Mellie (because she can sign Fitz’s name like an art forger). Mellie obviously has no idea why she would help Liv, who is just trying to live happily ever after in the White House, as she sees it. She’s even more furious when she realizes who this prisoner is Damascus Bainbridge? The guy with the bus of dead jurors? Oh, Mellie, how little you actually know. Liv eventually explains that this is her father, Eli Pope, and it all makes sense to Mellie. “Your father is a murderer,” she says. “How sick is that? How sick are you? I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree Who else has he done this to? Who else has he hurt?” I don’t know if Liv says this next bit just to twist the knife or to try to be honest or what, but she tells Mellie, “My father killed your son.”