Olivia's old friend is in deep trouble, as are her relationships with Abby, Quinn and Jake
Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

On Thursday night’s episode of Scandal, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) struggled with the cardinal rule of elementary school: You have to be a friend to have one.

While her former lover President Fitz frets over losing the fight for gun control, Olivia is tackling the messy murder case in which an old friend is the prime suspect.

Liv’s longtime girlfriend is caught up after her daughter finds out she was sleeping with her boyfriend. After the teen threatens to tell her father about Mom’s dirty deeds, she turns up dead.

Olivia’s pal says she didn’t do it and begs for Liv’s trust and help on the strength of friendship. When Abby comes by to ask Liv about their mutual friend, it’s clear their relationship is the one in need of saving.

Meanwhile, Olivia’s “I’m not your boyfriend” boo Jake (Scott Foley) is busy trying to nail down who killed the president’s son. He gets Quinn’s killer ex-boyfriend to detain and try to squeeze information out of her, but the two just end up rekindling their toxic romance.

Once she’s free to go, Quinn returns to the Pope offices to find out Liv and Huck didn’t even notice she was missing. Being that she’s the sole reason the band’s back together in the first place, she feels a little slighted.

At the White House, First Lady Melly has traded in her sorrowful wallowing for amateur detective work, biding her time trying to solve a local murder. She embarrassingly learns her new hobby is pointless when the FBI explain they’ve already solved the case she’s worked tirelessly to crack herself.

The president feels sorry for her, but not as much as he does for his own presidency. He tells David Rosen that without strides on gun control, his run will have meant nothing. Using the B613 files Jake put in his care, Rosen blackmails a judge into voting their way. Only his tactic to save gun control leaves the judge dead of suicide by a single shot to the head.

When Jake discovers that his archenemy, Liv’s father, is behind both Harrison’s and the president’s son’s deaths, he takes Liv up on her offer to have dinner with daddy Pope. Now it’s Jake’s turn to do a little blackmailing.

As they say in organized crime – and in D.C. these days – trust no one.

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Dinner Gets Awkward on Scandal