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April 02, 2015 11:30 PM

#TBT to that time Jake (Scott Foley) killed people … a lot of people.

That was the gist of Thursday night’s episode of Scandal, a stark reminder that, as sweetly as the one-time command treats Olivia (Kerry Washington), he’s still a trained assassin.

Faced with David’s (Joshua Malina) plan to prosecute B613, Jake went into what Huck (Guillermo Déaz) termed “survival mode” – or, as we at PEOPLE call it, a murderous rage.

Or did he? A last-minute twist revealed that it was really Papa Pope pulling all the strings. Olake shippers can breathe a sigh of relief, but it looks like our main Gladiator will have to deal with her daddy issues once and for all.

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Most Scandalous Moments

• Congressman Nick Reed (Jordan Belfi) hired Olivia to help him get his father George off death row: 15 years ago, Nick’s sister – then just 14 – hanged herself because her math teacher ended their secret relationship. The teacher was shot dead, and George claimed responsibility, but Nick insisted he was innocent, lying out of guilt for his daughter’s tragic death. After meeting him, Olivia sensed he was innocent, too, and she took on the case. Huck and Quinn (Katie Lowes) discovered that the teacher’s ex-wife Lisa just died, and while casing her house, they found a gun the same make as the murder weapon.

• David offered Jake an immunity deal if he’d testify against B613, which he violently refused. So David, Quinn, Huck and Charlie (George Newbern) rounded up his old gunman pals and put them in a safe house until it was time to strike. Charlie was tasked with babysitting the witnesses, but he left to buy supplies and found everyone lying dead, apparently thanks to Jake. They fought, Jake ran away and Charlie, Quinn and Huck agreed their former friend had cracked: They had to kill him. They tracked him through his cell phone but found him creeping outside Olivia’s apartment. If anything happened to him, he said, he’d make sure she wasn’t safe anymore. Everyone agreed that they couldn’t risk Liv’s life to take down B613. “There is no justice in this,” Quinn said, defeated. “The good guys lose. The white hats burn.”

• Olivia told the congressman that the gun found in Lisa’s house matched the ballistics of the murder weapon … but was suspiciously well-preserved. That’s because it was actually Nick who shot the math teacher, and his father took the fall, threatening to kill himself if Nick told the truth. After much convincing, George allowed Nick to come forward during a press conference.

• David, in his office with his assistant Holly (Stefanie Black), realized he didn’t need to find any more ex-assassins: He had seen Jake kill people, including our beloved James (R.I.P). He left a message for Huck saying he’d testify himself, but Jake had tapped his phone and heard the whole thing! He was lurking in the parking garage when David and Holly came out of the office and raised his gun to shoot …

• Holly, who was really responsible for killing those B613 vets in the safe house – Jake was just trying to stop her. So who hired her? Rowan Pope (Joe Morton), of course, who showed up at Olivia’s door with sexy side piece Franklin Russell (Brian White). Wait, what? Our girl can not catch a break in the dating department.

• Meanwhile, Mellie’s (Bellamy Young) “trashy” half-sister Harmony (Lauren Bowles) came to town, and, though the first lady tried her best to fake-smile her way through the visit, she was hardly the gracious hostess. After drinking some questionable alcohol, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) played peacekeeper, and the siblings made nice. But we have to say, we’ve missed Drunk/Smelly Mellie!

Joshua Malina (as David Rosen) on Scandal
Nicole Wilder/ABC

Best Quotes

• “Do you want to know what I would have done if that was my kid?” –Huck
“No!” –Quinn and Olivia, in unison

• “Quinn, where are you?” –Olivia
“Drugstore. Tampon run.” –Quinn, casually disposing of dead bodies

• “Go and let me enjoy my hooch.” –Mellie

Questions for Next Week

• How is Franklin involved with Rowan?

• Is Cyrus (Jeff Perry) going to sabotage Mellie’s campaign?

• How will Rowan put Fitz at risk?

• Are Olivia, Quinn, Huck, Charlie, David and Jake strong enough to beat him?

This Week, We’re Team …

Fitz again (though mostly because we thought Jake really had gone crazy). He only interacted with Mellie this episode, but he showed her a degree of compassion and support that began to makes up for him being such a horrible husband. But, if he’s by Mellie’s side during her campaigns, that’s going to seriously delay any hope of Vermont with Liv.

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