What Strange Thing Do 'Scandal' Fans Keep Doing to the Cast?

It all goes back to the show's infamous torture scene

Photo: Vince Flores/Startraks

Even the most ardent Huckleberry Quinn shippers were creeped out by the Scandal characters’ fetish for licking each other in season 3.

Or so we thought.

“People have asked me to lick them! To live their faces!” Guillermo Déaz – Huck on the ABC drama – told the PaleyFest LA audience Sunday of his strangest fan encounter.

“I get that, too,” Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn, chimed in. “There’s a lot of teeth-checking going on, too.”

It all goes back to Quinn’s stint on the dark side, when she left Pope & Associates to shack up with assassin Charlie (George Newbern). So Huck got back at her by playing dentist, beginning his torture session by running his tongue across her face.

Later, Quinn returned the favor, licking him as foreplay.

But some Gladiators are going off script, sharing their saliva with President Fitz.

“I got licked by a fan,” star Tony Goldwyn said. “They stopped me on the street to take a selfie, and as they were taking the selfie, she licked my neck. And then she took the camera and walked away.”

Quipped panel moderator Jimmy Kimmel: “That’s how the measles got started again.”

Scandal airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on ABC.


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