Shondaland Crossover: See Which 'Grey's', 'Murder' and 'Scandal' Stars Have Appeared in Other #TGIT Shows

Keep reading for a list of actors who've played multiple characters in Scandal, Grey's, its dearly departed spinoff Private Practice and How to Get Away with Murder

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Shondaland is a small world.

Loyal #TGIT viewers know that creator, writer, producer, showrunner and all-around queen Shonda Rhimes has her own squad of actors whom she casts across her kingdom of ABC dramas.

Before Jeff Perry was Scandal‘s ruthless (but recently dethroned) chief of staff Cyrus Beene, he was Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)’s negligent father Thatcher on Grey’s Anatomy. And in a delicious twist, Thatcher was married to the genius but emotionally abusive surgeon Ellis, aka Kate Burton, who now plays yet another onscreen adversary for Perry: Sally Langston, the Southern belle vice president turned unhinged conservative pundit who just outed Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)’s affair with President Fitz (Tony Goldwyn).

But they’re not the only stars to cross over. Keep reading for a list of actors who’ve played multiple characters in Scandal, Grey’s, its dearly departed spinoff Private Practice and How to Get Away with Murder.

Update: How could we have forgotten Paul Adelstein?! Forgive us our sins, now and at the hour of McDreamy’s death.

Scandal‘s Joshua Malina on Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy

Everyone’s favorite attorney general guested as a patient on Private Practice and made a memorable impression on Grey’s as a man whose hypochondriac wife gave herself C-diff by ordering off-brand staph infection antibiotics.

Scandal‘s Darby Stanchfield on Private Practice

Stanchfield did her best Southern drawl as a devoutly religious woman who conceived triplets via IVF and worried their heart failure was punishment for playing God.

Scandal‘s Bellamy Young on Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy

Young played Kathy, a therapy patient who cheated on her husband, in the Grey’s back-door pilot for Private Practice.

Scandal‘s Katie Lowes on Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy

Lowes had a sad one-episode arc as a woman trying to conceive again after the death of her son on Private Practice, and her blink-or-you’ll-miss-it Grey’s cameo proved pivotal: She appeared briefly as a ditzy woman donating blood whose recollection of marshmallow Peeps prompted Cristina (Sandra Oh) to realize she was pregnant.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sarah Drew on Private Practice

Drew starred in two episodes as a young pregnant woman debating whether to give up her baby for adoption – especially after the prospective parents bailed when faced with an important medical decision.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jerrika Hinton on Scandal

Hinton’s character, a lab technician working for the police department, didn’t need much convincing about giving the Gladiators an old rape kit to help solve a case.

Scandal‘s Jeff Perry on Grey’s Anatomy

Thatcher Grey was either the worst father ever or the best – it just depends on whether you’re asking Meredith or Lexie (Chyler Leigh).

Scandal‘s Kate Burton on Grey’s Anatomy

Ellis died after a brief (and mean) spurt of consciousness during her bout with Alzheimer’s, but her carousel metaphor lives on forever.

Scandal‘s Scott Foley on Grey’s Anatomy

Before he fought for Olivia Pope’s heart, Foley’s Henry Burton battled for Dr. Teddy Altman’s (Kim Raver). Evenually, the already married friends fell in love, but Henry died in surgery in an unsuspecting Cristina’s OR.

Scandal‘s Dan Bucatinsky on Grey’s Anatomy

Bucatinsky played another under-appreciated husband (RIP James) as the spouse of an opera singer facing vocal issues in one episode.

How to Get Away with Murder‘s Tom Verica on Grey’s Anatomy

<img class="size-article-wide wp-image-2363771" src="; alt="HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER: SAM KEATING (TOM VERICA)” width=”2000″ height=”1333″>Tom Verica as Sam Keating on How to Get Away with MurderVerica guested as a patient given a risky procedure to help him breathe but gets bonus points for his contributions behind the camera: He has directed 15 episodes of Scandal, seven episodes of Private Practice and nine episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

Private Practice‘s Paul Adelstein on Scandal

Adelstein went from reformed playboy Cooper to starring in 15 Scandal episodes as devious campaign consultant Leo Bergen. But raise your hand if you begrudgingly SHIP him with Darby Stanchfield’s Abby.

How to Get Away with Murder‘s Liza Weil on Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice

Weil was a major part of Scandal‘s first season as Amanda Tanner, a White House intern who accused the president of impregnating her and became one of Cyrus’ many assassination victims. Plus she guested as Izzie’s (Katherine Heigl) chemo buddy on Grey’s and another patient on Private Practice, making her the official victor of #TGIT.

Grey’s Anatomy (8 p.m. ET), Scandal (9 p.m. ET) and How to Get Away with Murder (10 p.m. ET) air Thursdays on ABC.

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