Is Olivia's White Hat Gone for Good? Gladiators Predict What Could Happen in 'Scandal' 's Final Season

We didn't foresee any of those Scandal events going down the way they did, did you?

ABC's "Scandal" - Season Three
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We didn’t foresee any of those Scandal events going down the way they did, did you?

The true mastermind behind Frankie Vargas’ assassination was finally revealed during Thursday’s season six finale. At first, it seemed as though Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) mother Maya (Khandi Alexander) was at fault, but it was later revealed she was actually hired to assassinate Mellie (Bellamy Young) at the inauguration. But, plot twist: Maya wanted to kill the real mastermind, newly-elected Vice President Luna Vargas (Tessie Santiago), though her attempt was thwarted.

Then Olivia — who effectively turned to the dark side by reinstating super secret spy agency B613 and becoming the new Command — soon discovered the real mastermind was none other than Cyrus (Jeff Perry), who looks to be the potential VP in the wake of Luna’s demise. Shocking as it may be, Olivia still wants to nominate Cyrus, even after coming to the conclusion that it was him who planted the assassination scheme in Luna’s head.

Just when you thought the crazy-twisty finale was overloaded with shocking storylines, what more can viewers and fans expect in the seventh and final season? Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes and the show’s team of writers show are surely not running out of twists and turns, but Gladiators chimed in with a few ideas of their own.

Is Olivia Pope’s white hat gone for good?

After handing over OPA to Quinn (Katie Lowes) and guilt-tripping Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) from turning down the role of Command, Olivia asserted herself as the next successor of B613, officially replacing her father Eli as the new HPIC: head Pope in charge. And as Cyrus said it best: “How does it feel to be the most powerful person in the world?”

Don’t forget Mama Pope’s wise words to her daughter: “You are half me and half that crazy man [Eli]. I don’t see how anyone can fight you and win.”

With Fitz leaving for Vermont, will Olitz ever make jam together?

What more will Mellie do as the first female POTUS?

The Popes: How did this pair come to be?

Quinn’s baby! Could Huck become godfather (or have a role in the child’s life)?

ICYMI: George Newbern — who plays former B613 hitman and father-to-be Charlie — was officially promoted to series regular for the final season, so Gladiators will be seeing more of him.

And how will Quinn be as the new head of OPA (err QPA)?

Who could possibly die next?!

Will there be another crowd as big as the one at Mellie’s inauguration?

Many on social media couldn’t help but point out the crowd size references comparing President Donald Trump‘s inauguration versus former President Barack Obama‘s.

FROM PEN: People at The White House: The First Lady Michelle Obama & Dr. Jill Biden

As for what will happen in the final season, Rhimes already knows.

“I know how long the show is going to run, and I know how it’s going to end, and I’m excited about it,” Rhimes recently told Entertainment Weekly at Scandal‘s 100th episode party earlier this month.

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