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By Karen Mizoguchi
February 08, 2018 12:00 PM

Warning: Don’t call Mellie Grant stupid.

In this exclusive clip from the season’s 11th episode, titled “Army of One,” Kerry Washington‘s character Olivia Pope confronts Commander-in-Chief Mellie (Bellamy Young) after learning that Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) had replaced her as chief of staff.

If you’re need of a catchup: Mellie previously revealed to Jake that she found out about Olivia being with former POTUS Fitz in Vermont.

Now, why would Mellie care about Olivia reuniting with Fitz? Just a few moments before, Jake called Mellie out for clouding her presidential judgment by developing romantic feelings for the Bashrani President Rashad — all the while Fitz, had his legs open (for Olivia) for the past eight years. (The whole reason Mellie wanted to talk to Jake in the first place was to get answers about why Olivia had Rashad killed.)

And as Mellie quickly realized: Olivia is the problem.


“What did you do?” Olivia says to Mellie after discovering that Jake had moved into her office as the new chief of staff.

“I had to,” Mellie tells Olivia, who angrily responds: “You had to make Jake your chief of staff? Please tell me after everything. Please tell me you are not this stupid.”

“Stupid?” a perplexed Mellieasks, but not before Olivia unleashes more critical adjectives. “And naive. And reckless. And foolish. But most of all stupid,” the former white hat wearer interjects.

But Mellie lays down a gauntlet of her own.

“You know what stupid would be Olivia? Allowing myself in believing all of your lies. To play this great big game of pretend you so skillfully set up. I’d be stupid, if for one more second I actually trusted there is only us,” she says.

After all, Mellie was previously horrified to learn that Olivia has been the new Command of B613.

With Olivia no longer a staff member in the White House, what access could she still have with the powers that be?

Scandal airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on ABC.