May 21, 2015 06:35 PM

It’s been one long week since Scandal blew our minds for the final time until fall, and we’re fighting a serious #TGIT withdrawal.

Star Bellamy Young already gave us the scoop on the explosive season 4 finale. But before the ABC drama went out with a bang (well, maybe … the jury’s still out on that Huckleberry Quinn cliffhanger), she stopped by the PEOPLE Now studio to talk all things Mellie.

Young, 45, said she and the show’s writers have been inspired by real-life first ladies like Dolly Madison, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama.

But her lovably cunning character has mainly been compared to Hillary Clinton. It’s hard to ignore the similarities: Both hope to run for president after their charismatic husbands’ terms, served as senators and weathered their partners’ sex scandals.

“I watch her in awe,” Young told PEOPLE Now. “I can’t imagine how strong you have to be to take the hate that she’s gotten for decades.”

So would she vote for Clinton? Watch the clip above to hear her answer – and her thoughts on the double standard for smart women in politics.

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