The TV hit-maker admits saying "yes" to unexpected invitations for a year "was a little insane"

Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty

Shonda Rhimes has created television’s mega-hits Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal with swoon-worthy leading men and mind-blowing twists. Now, the showrunner is adding “author” to her long list of accomplishments as well.

Rhimes’ new book, The Year of Yes, chronicles a year of her life after she decided to say “yes” to unexpected invitations in December 2013.

“Saying yes for an entire year turned out to be one of the most amazing decisions I have ever made,” she says in a statement. “It was also a little insane, a lot terrifying and sometimes wildly embarrassing. So this is not a story I ever planned to share with anyone.”

When Simon & Schuster approached her about writing a book, Rhimes, 45, added that she “had no choice – what else could I say but yes?”

In an exclusive excerpt, Rhimes explains why the concept of saying “yes” was needed in her life.

“The lives of my characters had become unimaginably huge. People all over the world knew Meredith and Olivia. At the same time, my life had so drained of color and excitement that I could barely see it,” she writes. “Why? You never say yes to anything. Oh yeah. That. I put down the glass of wine and lay down on the sofa. And really thought about those six words. You never say yes to anything. Maybe it was time to start saying yes. Maybe.”

S&S editor-in-chief Marysue Rucci says it is “mind-boggling that the mega-talented Shonda Rhimes, one of the most admired and accomplished women in Hollywood, would feel the need to challenge her status quo. But by saying yes for a year, she truly transformed her life for the better in every way.”

The Year of Yes will hit bookstores Nov. 10.