5 Moments from 'Scandal' 's 100th Episode That Made Our Jaws Hit the Floor

Scandal used its 100th episode to ask "What If?" and we just had this to say: "What?!"

Scandal‘s 100th episode on Thursday asked “What if?” and we just had this to say: “What?!

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) and all the show’s beloved characters return to 2010, before there was any rigging of a presidential election in Defiance County, Ohio.

And my how things have changed in this alt-reality. Check out the five moments that had our jaws on the floor (in no particular order).

Olivia Pope wedding dress ScandalCredit: ABC

1. Do you, Olivia Carolyn Pope, take Fitzgerald Thomas Grant?

Yes! The Scandal wedding that all Gladiators never thought they would see. Olivia and Fitz tied the knot four months later with Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield) as maid of honor and Huck (Guillermo Diaz) as the one to give Olivia away. Eli Pope — a.k.a. Papa Pope (Joe Morton) — was invited to the nuptials but was not the one to escort his daughter down the aisle.

We still can’t get over Olivia’s $4,500 Anne Barge gown!

Mellie Grant Cyrus BeeneCredit: Bob D'Amico/ABC via Getty (@)
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2. #Melrus

Newly minted couple Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) and Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) cement their relationship in this episode for the most unexpected romance in Scandal history. Perhaps that’s why it took place in the alt-reality episode?

Outside the church where Olivia and Pope are set to marry, the uninvited Mellie — dressed in all black — stands heartbroken and alone before Cyrus gives her a pretty sweet pep talk about how she is perfect. Gladiators went nuts when Mellie leans in to kiss Cyrus and viewers later learn via front page of a newspaper that the pair later get engaged.

But even in the parallel universe, the couple can’t escape problems. After suggesting a presidential run for Mellie, she decides to kick off the run by hiring a journalist: James. Yes, that James (Dan Bucatinsky) whom Cyrus was in a secret relationship with prior to Mellie.

3. That Scandal/Bachelor crossover.

Here’s a wild thought: What if Lindsay D. never became Quinn and ended up on a season of The Bachelor? Well, wonder no more!

Katie Lowes‘ character becomes America’s sweetheart on a dating reality show very similar to ABC’s long-running competition for love.

What hasn’t changed so much? Huck is obsessedwith Lindsay D.

But then Lindsay D. visits Fitz backstage after her interview on The Grant Report and things go left when they start making out in his dressing room until she makes her way down to his briefs.

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4. Huck has a mullet?

We were just rooting for Huck after last week’s episode with him maybe-dead in the trunk of a car. And this week, he’s sporting some full facial hair and locks.

Huck is already Huck by this point, meaning he was still enlisted in the CIA and worked for Command. However, when Olivia meets him — prior to her decision not to rig the election — he’s homeless due to being kicked out of B613. That explains his disheveled hair and appearance.

Another thing to note: Huck never meets Quinn/Lindsay D. because the reason she became a Gladiator in the first place was because the murder of her boyfriend and the election rigging.

In fact, Diaz pointed out to Entertainment Weekly that his character “has a little bit more inner peace and a little bit more happiness” in this alt-reality.

5. The real world.

The episode ends with Olivia and Fitz in present day and back on the Truman balcony, where many of their heartfelt memories and conversations once took place. President Grant asks if she’s made a decision, and she answers: “I’m in.”

But what is she in for? Their romance to spark up again? To call Cyrus innocent for murdering Frankie Vargas?

Honorary mention: The title card was a 10 x 10 frame of every single episode thus far.

Scandal airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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