Say Yes to the Dress returns Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on TLC

The upcoming season of Say Yes to the Dress is a big one: The show is celebrating it’s 10-year anniversary!

To celebrate the milestone, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal the supertease for the new season, set to premiere next month. Between Elle King, Omarosa Manigault and Instagram sensation Girl with No Job (a.k.a. Claudia Oshry), it’s shaping up to be one star-studded season.

King, who is engaged to her beau Andrew “Fergie” Ferguson, brings her mother London along to the appointment — but it doesn’t exactly go off without a hitch. (“I’m going to be the most hated mother in America!” she moans.)

There’s also the show’s first-ever throuple in the form a bride who arrives for her appointment with her fiancé Peter … and his wife Ellen.

Then there’s former Apprentice contestant Manigault, who is set to wed Jacksonville pastor John Allen Newman — and she’s not making it easy for Kleinfeld’s fashion director Randy Fenoli.

“Randy’s never worked with a bride like Lady O,” announces Manigault, 42, who recently joined president-elect Donald Trump‘s White House staff. “Randy’s about to get hit in the head by four bibles!”

And, of course, brides aren’t the only challenge this season. There’s also a meltdown at a Pnina Tornai fashion show, and more drama between Fenoli and new consultant Shay.

But at the end of the day, the staff realizes the brides are what truly matters — especially when their prized wedding dress gets ruined after spending three days marinating in floodwater.

“This season celebrates 10 years of Say Yes to the Dress, so buckle up — because the brides, the dresses and the weddings are bigger than ever,” promises Fenoli. (And he’s not kidding. There’s an underwater wedding.)

The new season of Say Yes to the Dress premieres Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.