'Saved by the Bell' Stars Reflect on Returning to Bayside High for Reboot: 'It Blew My Mind'

"It was sort of a trip, stepping back into the Saved By the Bell set," says Mario Lopez

The stars of the upcoming Saved by the Bell reboot — both old and new — are reflecting on what it was like stepping onto the Bayside High set.

In a new featurette, exclusively debuted by PEOPLE and courtesy of Peacock, the show's original stars Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley discuss the experience alongside newcomers Josie Totah, Haskiri Velazquez and more. The reboot premieres on Peacock next week.

"It was sort of a trip, stepping back into the Saved By the Bell set," says Lopez, 47.

The actor played Bayside High School jock A.C. Slater in the '90s sitcom, which ran for four seasons on NBC from 1989 to 1993. He's returning in the reboot as the school's new gym teacher.

"The best part of this modern version is not having to rock that mullet that I had back in the day," Lopez jokes of the hairdo he sported at the time. "And then seeing the old gang back together again, that's a lot of fun."

Berkley, who is reprising her role as Jessie Spano, agrees.

"The minute I stepped into The Max, it blew my mind," she says, referring to the high school hangout spot featured in the show.

And filming scenes with Lopez was just like old times. "Having that history, there's always something funny or an inside joke, and there's so such comfort in that," says Berkley, 48.

saved by the bell
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John Michael Higgins, who plays Principal Toddman, confirms the close relationship between Lopez and Berkley, saying, "I mean, the way they interact when the camera's not running, you can tell that they've been through something."

As for the new cast members, joining the cast was a true pleasure.

"For me, stepping into Bayside was like a dream come true," says Dexter Darden, who plays Devante. "I mean, I loved watching the show."

"Growing up and seeing Saved By the Bell, it was so small and so quaint — this is like an enlarged version," adds Totah, who stars as Lexi.

Totah also reflects on the nostalgia of bringing back an old show. "It's still just as fun, just as campy, and it gives us kind of a '90s feeling back," she says.

"You're getting reintroduced to that very nostalgic feeling, but also you're getting introduced to the new crew," Velazquez similarly shares, later adding, "Everything '90s is making a comeback — it never goes out of style."

The Saved by the Bell reboot premieres Nov. 25 on Peacock.

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