'Saved by the Bell' Bombshells! Zack & Kelly Split, Jessie 'Would Have Just Lost to Donald Trump'

Executive producer Peter Engel dishes on where Bayside's finest would be now

Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas
Photo: Gary Null/NBCU Photo Bank

It’s not all right — though they were Saved by the Bell, the man behind the beloved teen sitcom says Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski probably wouldn’t have been able to save their marriage.

When asked if the ’90s “it” couple would be together today, executive producer Peter Engel told TVLine Mark-Paul Gosselaar‘s Zack and Tiffani Amber Thiessen‘s Kelly weren’t bound for a happily ever after. “Probably not,” he said. “Well, they’d be married — but not to each other.”

Engel also dished on the future of the rest of Bayside’s finest: “Zack would probably be the host of a game show or talk show, or he’d be managing a hedge fund; Slater would be a high school football coach; Screech would be Bill Gates; Jessie would have just lost [the presidential election] to Donald Trump; Lisa would probably be Vera Wang or a buyer at Neiman Marcus, and Kelly would be married with children and have a cooking show on the Food Network, which [Tiffani] has — and I watch!”

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Earlier this month in an excerpt of his memoir I Was Saved by the Bell: Stories of Life, Love, and Dreams That Do Come True,Engel described some of the more difficult moments filming the show, including one controversial season 2 episode “Jessie’s Song” that saw Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley) descend into caffeine pill addiction while trying to balance school and her new singing group, Hot Sundae.

Engel said he initially fought to have Jessie become addicted to speed, but the censorial department at NBC shut down his idea, suggesting he go for a more toned-down addiction to caffeine pills.

“Even though we can laugh now about how silly the caffeine pills were, there’s a reason that so many young adults make a point of telling me that ‘Jessie’s Song’ was, hands down, their favorite episode,” Engel said. “No one was making programming for kids like that at the time. It made an impact. It helped them grow up. And I’m still, to this day, proud to have my name on that episode.”

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