Calling Dr. Freud! Savannah Guthrie Confuses Husband for Matt Lauer and Her 'Today' Co-Anchors Lose It

Savannah Guthrie's return to the Today show is already proving to be memorable

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Savannah Guthrie’s return to the Today show is already proving to be memorable.

On Tuesday’s show, Guthrie mentioned a study claiming that mothers have more sleep problems than fathers when their children are in the house. The anchor — who is back from maternity leave — was in the middle of telling an anecdote about her personal experience when she accidentally mixed up the names of her husband Mike Feldman and co-anchor Matt Lauer.

“On my maternity leave, when I was getting up and feeding every couple of hours, Matt would be,” said Guthrie, catching her mistake. “Where is my Freud textbook?”

The gaffe cracked up her fellow panelists, with Sheinelle Jones joking, “Breaking news!” before asking, “Anything you want to talk about?”

Al Roker also joined in on the fun, teasing, “Calling Dr. Howard! Dr. Freud! Dr. Howard!”

Guthrie acknowledged that this isn’t the first time she’s mixed up the two guys, and the show cut to Lauer himself, who jokingly whispered, “That’s our secret!”

The Today Show airs weekdays (7–11 a.m. ET) on NBC.

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