"It forced us to grow up fast," Chase Chrisley tells PEOPLE ahead of the season 8 premiere of Chrisley Knows Best
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Savannah and Chase Chrisley
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Savannah and brother Chase Chrisley know a little something about living in the public eye.

In an interview promoting the new season of their family's reality show Chrisley Knows Best, the stars open up to PEOPLE about growing up onscreen and the pressures that come with being  reality TV stars.

"It definitely changed our lives entirely," says Chase, 24. "It forced us to grow up fast. I know I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, and learning how to bounce back and just grow from each mistake, it’s a little bit different because every time we screw up it’s in the public eye.”

“Growing up on TV, a lot of people think oh that’s amazing but for me I know there was a lot of pressure to be perfect and to know that mothers are allowing their daughters to follow me on social media and look up to me," adds Savannah, 22. "I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself in order to live this perfect life and not disappoint people."

Chrisley Knows Best
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She continues: "Right now, I’m at a place where I want to live my life for myself and not be so fixated on what people think. Opinions hurt. I see them and sometimes they hit close to home. You have to have that healthy balance, and for me I am a huge advocate for therapy. I think it takes a lot of strength to go and talk to someone, and that’s been my saving grace throughout this whole thing. So, growing up on TV has had it’s pros and cons, but overall it’s given us a platform to help others and meet a lot of people. I don’t think we can complain too much.”

Savannah and Chase also dished on the upcoming season, which they say will explore a lot of "growth."

In the trailer for the upcoming season, Savannah and Nic Kerdiles tell dad Todd Chrisley that their wedding is off, to which he hilariously says, "What will God do to me for this fashion to go to waste?"

Of her and Kerdiles' decision, Savannah tells PEOPLE: "Nic and I have been together for two and a half years. We're just trying to find our place in this world."

Savannah Chrisley
Savannah Chrisley and Nic Kerdiles
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"We're working on ourselves in order to be better for each other. I like to say our relationship is unique and we're kind of marching to our own beat," Savannah says.

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While Savannah says she and Kerdiles are still together, she feels they "rushed into things way to fast" and now "want to make sure we're both in a healthy place."

Chrisley Knows Best returns Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on USA Network.