'SNL' Takes on #DeflateGate (VIDEO)

Beck Bennett's perfectly grumpy Bill Belichick is our favorite


Considering how much it dominated the public conversation this past week, it was a given that Saturday Night Live was going to take on the New England Patriots and the football controversy people have dubbed “DeflateGate.”

The show quickly cut to the chase on Saturday’s show, using the scandal as fodder for the episode’s cold open.

Featured player Beck Bennett brought the proper amount of grumpiness to his portrayal of Patriots Coach Bill Belichick (who loves Tom Brady like a son, “just more of an estranged son that I wouldn’t trust around footballs”), and Taran Killam gets to play Tom Brady, who would rather spend the press conference talking about his vintage hat.

In SNL‘s world, it turns out that equipment manager Dougie Spoons (played by Bobby Moynihan) was responsible for the deflation, and the sketch closes things out by riffing on A Few Good Men.

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