'SNL' Sends Up Donald Trump in Season Premiere: 'He Puts His Hair on One Strand at a Time'

Trumpand his wife broadcast a message to America from their "humble gold house"


Of course Saturday Night Live‘s opening skit (aka, the cold open) during its season premiere this weekend would tackle Donald Trump – one of the people who has grabbed plenty of headlines during the show’s hiatus.

And this is how they did it: Trump, played by Taran Killam, broadcast a message to the American public, alongside wife Melania (played by Cecily Strong) from the couple’s “humble gold house,” designed by “the same decorator used by Saddam Hussein.”

It was a message of unity, strength and big ideas, to correct “the lies” all the “losers” were putting out there.

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This was Trump’s political pitch: “It’s very simple: I get in there, taxes go down, everybody gets a job, salaries go way up, we build a wall, it’s huge. Over in China, they’re going to say, ‘Now that’s a wall!’ ”

Melania nodded through all of it, not knowing any better, she said, as she did not graduate like he did from the “Hogwarts School of Business.”

But look, she said: Trump is like the rest of us. “He puts his hair on one strand at a time.”

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