'Empire' 's Taraji P. Henson Slaps Taran Killam in the Face in 'SNL' Promos (VIDEO)

Also, the pair star in Umpire, about "a super-dramatic family of baseball umpires"


Empires first season may have wrapped, but that doesn’t mean Taraji P. Henson has quite finished emulating Cookie Lyon.

The actress, 44, is hosting Saturday Night Live this week, and she unleashes her inner Cookie to slap Taran Killam across the face in new promos.

Because she can.

In another segment, Killam’s line-flubbing makes way for a truly great gift: Ship names for himself and Henson. Excuse us while we refer to them as both “Taranji” and “Taran P. Killan” from now into perpetuity.

Best of all is an Empire parody called Umpire, about “a super-dramatic family of baseball umpires.”

SNL already did an Empire parody earlier this season when Chris Hemsworth‘s hosted, with Sasheer Zamata playing the role of Cookie, so another Empire sketch does not feel likely. Still, a Taranji shipper can dream ….

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