October 11, 2015 10:25 AM

Saturday Night Live satirized America’s history of mass shootings (including a rampage in Oregon earlier this month that killed nine and wounded nine more) and ongoing debate about gun control with a skit showing a world where everyone owns guns.

On first dates, at work, while on a run, while in labor: The faux commercial rolled footage of the cast going through their lives, always with the appearance of a firearm. Even tiny firearms, for tiny babies.

“Guns,” a soothing voice narrated. “We’re here to stay.”

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The topic also came up for debate during the evening’s installment of Weekend Update, and has personal resonance for the episode’s host:

Amy Schumer, 34, announced in August she would join forces with Sen. Chuck Schumer (who is also her cousin) in pushing for stricter gun control, following a fatal shooting at a Louisiana screening of her comedy, Trainwreck.

Watch the Weekend Update discussion on gun control below.

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