Sarah Silverman Announces Split from Michael Sheen: 'We Just Live in Different Countries'

Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen broke up over a month ago

Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen aren’t together anymore — and they haven’t been for over a month.

Announcing their split on social media, the 47-year-old comedian wrote, “The great @michaelsheen & I consciously uncoupled over Christmas.”

“I mean, not ‘over Christmas’ – like that wasn’t the fight that ended it,” she added, before clarifying that there had been “no fight.”

“We just live in different countries & it got hard,” she continued. “Felt we should just tell y’all so u stop askin, ‘How’s Michael/How’s Sarah?’ ”

Silverman opened up about the pair’s long-distance relationship last June, telling her ex Jimmy Kimmel, “He’s my on-again, off-again lover.”

Showing his surprise, the television host replied, “I didn’t know about the off-again [part]?”

“No, he’s on-again — I call him my on-again, off-again lover because we’re apart by oceans — one ocean,” she clarified.

Silverman then explained that Sheen, moved from Los Angeles to the U.K. around the time his daughter Lily was accepted to college.

“His daughter turned 18, he wanted to go home,” Silverman told Kimmel, whom she dated twice between 2002 and 2009. “He was here to be near his daughter, now she’s off, she’s going to start her own life. She’s going to [New York University].”

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The comedian addressed Sheen’s calling to be “politically” active, noting that “he needs to be home to do that.”

“So he’s there a lot, and then we just long for each other and we see each other and we love each other,” she added.

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And Sheen, 49, had wonderful things to say about Silverman in 2016 at a special awards consideration screening of Masters of Sex — a television show in which the actor starred in and Silverman had a recurring role.

It’s fantastic to have her as a partner,” Sheen told PEOPLE, before pointing out that the pair had “only ever done two scenes together.”

“So we did say last season, ‘Can we please have a scene together?’ So I gave her a gynecological exam, which was interesting,” he explained.

“We’re ships in the night,” Silverman added. “It’s funny because when he’s shooting, we barely see each other. And now, when I’m on the show, we really never see each other. Because when he’s off, that’s when I’m shooting, usually.”

The couple — who were first romantically linked together in 2014 — also revealed that even though Silverman had topped the producers’ wish list early on, they almost didn’t cast her when they realized her personal connection to Sheen.

“We met a completely different context, at a show I did,” she said. “They had always had me in mind for Helen, and then we started dating and they went, ‘Oh no!’ So I guess they went to Michael and said, ‘We’ve always wanted to offer this [role] to Sarah Silverman, but now she’s your girlfriend. Is that okay, comfortable for you?’ Obviously, he was like, ‘Yeah!’ ”

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