January 22, 2016 12:55 PM

Important news, world: Sarah Silverman wants to hunt more.

The comedian stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday and went head to head with host Jimmy Fallon in a game of “Word Sneak” – in which the two attempted to insert random words into a casual conversation.

Silverman, 45, successfully snuck “moose” and “belly button” into the hilarious conversation, while jokingly revealing her unusual New Year’s resolution.

“I’m trying to hunt more it’s good for the animal population,” she said. “If you hunt deer, you hunt moose, you hunt whatever somehow it’s good for them.”

Sarah Silverman

She later added: “Do [animals] have belly buttons?”

Despite her strong start, Fallon was up to the challenge. The 41-year-old host seamlessly weaved “piñata” and “hoverboard” into the chat.

“I don’t hunt, if I do I like to beat [the animals] down,” Fallon revealed. “I use a stick and I hit them like a piñata until I feel satisfied.”

The host said he doesn’t stick around after attacking his prey, though.

“Once I’m done beating them, I’m on my hoverboard and going to the next animal,” he said.

Soon, Silverman halted the conversation and sported a happy expression, prompting Fallon to ask what she was thinking about.

Her response: “My beaver.”

With that, the host fell out of his chair, laughing as he exclaimed “You’re in trouble, missy!”

It looks like the game goes to Silverman!

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