"Yeah, it was a shock, but more power to Fox News," Sarah Palin says of getting let go from her job

By Tierney McAfee
December 01, 2015 06:25 PM
D Dipasupil/Getty

Between her daughter Bristol‘s second broken engagement and losing her job at Fox News, 2015 has been a tough year for Sarah Palin – in fact, the former Alaska governor is now calling it the “toughest year” of her life.

Palin, who was let go from her job as a Fox News political analyst for a second time in June, revealed in a new interview with CBN News‘ Wendy Griffith on Tuesday that she took the unexpected firing hard.

“Some things happened that I haven’t talked about publicly, things like getting canned from a job I really liked, sort of out of the blue, because I called somebody out,” she said, without naming any names. “Next morning I got word, ‘Oh, we no longer need you anymore.’ ”

But it sounds like there are no hard feelings on Palin’s end.

“Yeah, it was a shock, but more power to Fox News,” she said. “They’re a private enterprise. They can fire someone for wearing the wrong color tie that day – that’s their prerogative and I’ve been on both sides of the hiring and firing.”

Asked if Fox News still interviews her, Palin replied, “Heck, yeah. I have a great relationship with them. It was just kind of a little bit of a shocker of knowing that the ‘haters’ are going to love this one.”

That wasn’t the only setback Palin suffered this year. After her 25-year-old daughter, Bristol, called off her long-awaited wedding less than a week before the big day and announced shortly after that she was pregnant with her second child, Palin was hit with another blow – a cancer scare.

“Bristol said, ‘Mom, you need to go into the doctor and get that thing checked,'” Palin recalled. “She insisted and I resisted so I finally went in to a doctor and got something checked, came back, biopsy – a cancer.”

“Melanoma?” Griffith asked.

“Yeah, something like that,” Palin said. “Anyway, a surgeon dug it out and everything was okay.”

Despite her troubled 2015, Palin is optimistic about the future – especially since it will include “a little baby granddaughter” from Bristol. “I can’t wait,” Palin said last month of the baby’s upcoming arrival in December.

And as for her own little one, Trig, 7, who was born with Down syndrome, Palin says he’s doing just fine these days.

“He’s reading. He’s not verbal, so it’s kind of hard to understand what he’s reading, but we know he is. He understands it,” she shared.

“His big sister, Piper, we call her the ‘Trig whisperer’ because she can interpret everything that he’s saying. Sometimes it’s like, ‘Piper, what is it that he’s wanting?’ And it’s like, ‘Mom, he wants his stuffed something or another.’ How does she know that? But she does,” Palin said.