The A-list duo have been married since 1997

By Dave Quinn
May 16, 2019 10:33 AM

Sarah Jessica Parker defended her nearly 22-year marriage to Matthew Broderick on Wednesday, while slamming tabloid reports that have claimed relationship troubles between the two.

The Sex and the City actress, 54, shared a photo of an email that appeared to be from The National Enquirer, which explained that the tabloid was preparing a story about an alleged “public screaming match” between her and Broderick and wanted Parker’s comment.

Broderick, 57, has been working in London recently, starring in the West End production of Kenneth Lonergan’s play, The Starry Messenger (his 13-week limited run in the drama begins Thursday). The Enquirer‘s email claimed Parker had confronted her husband about how much time he is spending overseas.

Rather than respond privately, Parker — who shares three kids with Broderick: James, 16, and 9-year-old twins Marion and Tabitha — decided to call The Enquirer out for her 5.4 million followers to see.

“Just like clockwork. Over a decade of the same, untrue, disgraceful nonsense,” said Parker in a lengthy Instagram comment, denying the reports.

“As usual, days ahead of our anniversary on May 19th, The National Enquirer is making its annual best effort to fabricate and undermine, this time a blissful four days with my husband in London,” Parker continued. “There was no ‘screaming match’ as alleged in a restaurant or on the street, nor was there a confrontation as alleged about his time in London. My children and I are enormously proud of the work he is doing.”

She went on to reveal why she decided to call out the publication so boldly.

“After much thought I have decided to share a typical letter of ‘inquiry’ from these people. As if the truth, a response or any comments from me or my publicist had any bearing on what they threaten to ‘report,’ ” Parker wrote.

“Hey National Enquirer and your sister publications, why not celebrate a marriage of 22 years and relationship of 27 years? Because, despite your endless harassment and wasted ink, we are nearing 3 decades of love, commitment, respect, family and home,” she said. “There’s your ‘scoop.’ From a ‘reliable source.’ ”

Parker’s note ended with the hashtag, “#tabloidharassment.”

The star’s celebrity friends later praised her actions.

“This is brilliant,” wrote Gwyneth Paltrow.

Comedian Amy Sedaris called Parker’s call out a “perfect letter.”

“YOU GO SJ!!!!!!!! AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO A BEAUTIFUL LOVING COUPLE!!” added good friend and TV host Andy Cohen.

“Yes. You are an inspiration!” said Jesse Tyler Ferguson. “Thank you for this.”

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick
| Credit: Owen Hoffmann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Parker has always been open about how she and Broderick have kept their marriage strong throughout the years while balancing careers in Hollywood.

Their secret? A willingness to adjust and grow together.

Your needs are shifting,” she told PEOPLE in February 2018. “You and your partner are going to change. It seems so silly, but I think you’re very lucky if you like the person. I still just really like him. I’m sure I annoy him and he annoys me, but I literally learn about him every day. I’m like, ‘You’re doing what? You’re reading what?’”

“I think marriage has a lot of vitality,” she added. “If you’re fortunate, it’s like this dazzling organism.”

And when it comes to raising their children, Parker said she and Broderick make a point to “have conversations” as a family. “Our lives are unpredictable, and we’re not always here when we want to be,” she admitted. “We can’t always do drop-off and pick-up. But I’m proud that our children talk to us in the way they do. I’m glad they’re curious people.”