Chelsea Handler and more discuss the struggles women have to endure when going through a friendship breakup

Girl breakups are no joke.

In an upcoming episode of Netflix’s Chelsea, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julianna Margulies and Chelsea Handler discuss the struggles women have to endure when going through a friendship breakup (yes, there’s such a thing).

“Why does it feel like females have breakups of friendships where as guys do not,” The Daily Show host Trevor Noah asks the women at the dinner table.

“I’ve never had that in my entire life,” Parker, 51, reveals. “I don’t understand what that is. I think that’s Bravo, you know, Housewives.”

After Margulies explains that it’s because women run on emotions, Parker explains a scenario in her own home that opened her eyes to the difference in friendships between men and women.

“My son who is almost 14, I was so impressed I was listening to him to talk to his friends in the kitchen and they were kind of brutal,” the former Sex in the City star says. “I’m like, ‘Wow man! I couldn’t believe what I heard in the kitchen. You guys are tough on each other.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, but then it’s sort of done and out of the way.’ With the girls, it lands and it lingers and it’s a completely different experience and I don’t know why that is.”


The Good Wife star then shares a time when she was going through a hard “breakup.”

“My husband, he has a brother and I have sisters,” she explains. “Something happened between me and one of my sisters and I just was livid and it was done in a text and I was internalizing it and getting upset. And Keith came home and he was like, ‘Are you okay?’ and I was like, ‘I just can’t believe…’ and I was so emotional about it. He just looked at me and was like, ‘Dear God, guys are so much easier.’ There is a component to emotion that we have.”

Handler adds: ‘I’ll speak for myself, but I think that you’re more sensitive and there’s so much rejection based on the way you look and how you’re perceived. With girls it’s different. You don’t necessarily fit in all the time.’

Handler will also welcome numerous A-list guests to her show in future episodes, including Jessica Chastain (12/1), Gaby Hoffmann (12/2), Rosie O’Donnell (12/7), the cast of Orange is the New Black (12/8), Jennifer Aniston (12/9), Jennifer Lawrence (12/16) and more.

The full relationship dinner party streams on Netflix’s Chelsea on Nov. 17.