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June 02, 2016 09:30 PM

brightcove.createExperiences(); Sarah Hyland is going back to her roots.

The actress, 25, may be best known for her work on Modern Family, but she was a dancer before becoming a TV star. After ten years away from the dance studio, she’s getting back into the swing of things with a new ballerina-themed photo shoot.

In the photos and accompanying interview with Beauty Coach, Hyland opens up about her dancer past and her thoughts on inner beauty.

“To me, inner beauty means being a strong, kind, giving soul,” Hyland says. “Be compassionate, but don’t let people take advantage of you. Be forgiving, but don’t forget. Give back to the world, but don’t let anyone take too much of you.”

In addition to the photoshoot, Hyland is soon returning to the world of dance in a big way.

In March, she was cast in ABC’s Dirty Dancing remake, playing Lisa Houseman, Baby’s older, extroverted sister.

Hyland is joining a cast that includes Scream QueensAbigail Breslin as Baby and Colt Prattes as Johnny, parts originally played by Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in the 1987 classic.

A premiere date for the three-hour remake has not yet been set.

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