Sarah Hyland's First Date with Wells Adams Was a 'Trial by Fire': 'I Told Him About Everything'

Sarah Hyland met fiancé Wells Adams in person for the first time just three days before she underwent a second kidney transplant in September 2017

Sarah Hyland put all of her cards on the table when she had her first date with fiancé Wells Adams.

While attending an event for the U.S. launch of Facebook‘s new dating app, the happy couple took a walk down memory lane as they reminisced about the early days of their relationship.

“That first date was a real trial by fire because I told him about everything that was happening,” the Modern Family actress, 28, tells PEOPLE.

Hyland met the Bachelorette alum, 35, in person for the first time just three days before she underwent a second kidney transplant in September 2017 following a lifelong battle with kidney dysplasia.

“Yeah, and the next night you told me even more,” adds Adams.

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams
Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland in New York City on Sept. 5.

Although that may seem like a lot to handle at the start of a relationship, Adams said that wasn’t the way he saw things.

“I know it seems like this huge thing, but it didn’t feel like that,” he explains. “The way I always thought of it was, there’s going to be times in my life where I’m going to need to lean on her and so this was just a time I was there for her.”

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams
(L-R) Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland.

While Hyland recovered from the surgery in the hospital, the two got even closer.

“When she was on painkillers, she was very honest with me,” Adams says.

“We would FaceTime and I’d fall asleep in the middle and I had no idea what I said to him,” Hyland adds. “I could have told him the most embarrassing story of my life and I had no idea, but he still liked me.”

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams
(L-R) Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland. Michael Simon

Hyland went on to share that while she has thought about her perfect wedding before, for now she’s just “enjoying being engaged.”

“I think every woman has had a vision for a while of what they want it to be, but that’s in my head,” she shares. “Right now we are just focused on working and enjoying being engaged and participating in something like this and joining up with the Facebook Dating app so that others can be — ”

“As awesome as us,” quips Adams.

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Facebook Dating, which has already launched in various countries, allows users who are 18 or over to create a new profile that’s separate from the one their friends and family can see.

The dating service will send you matches based on your preferences and interests, and while friends of friends are game, the app won’t try to make a love connection with anybody you’ve blocked or any of your Facebook friends (unless you opt into the Secret Crush feature).

The feature will give you the option of exploring something more with one of your Facebook or Instagram friends — but they’ll only know your secret if they’ve created their own dating profile, and added you to their Secret Crush list as well.

“One of my favorite things about building Facebook is I can walk through almost any city in the world and people will stop and tell me stories about how they met their husband or wife through Facebook. It’s a great feeling,” Mark Zuckerberg wrote in an Instagram post, noting that for a long time “Facebook didn’t even have any features to help with dating.”

“Starting today, we’re launching Facebook Dating in the US. I’m excited to see how it’ll help people come together and find love around interests, groups and events in common,” he added. “We’ve worked with privacy and security experts from the beginning to make it safe and give you control over your experience. Facebook Dating is now live in 20 countries and I’m looking forward to launching more soon.”

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