Sarah Hyland shared one of her most favorite memories from Modern Family that involved accidentally chowing down on chicken wings

Sarah Hyland was literally winging it on the set of Modern Family.

The actress, 27, shared one of her most favorite memories from the popular ABC series on Instagram Thursday that involved accidentally chowing down while shooting a scene with costar and TV dad, Ty Burrell.

“#Funfact about this picture from #modernfamily Ty and I had a scene where we were eating chicken wings throughout it. We filmed for quite a while. And by hour 3 or 4 I looked at the one and only Ty Burrell and said ‘How are you not getting full? I think I just hit my limit’ and he clues me in on the fact that he had been nibbling on the SAME DAMN WING the ENTIRE TIME,” Hyland recalled.

“Tears formed in my comically large eyes and I said ‘I thought we were in this together. I feel so betrayed. I’ve had at least 100 chicken wings ty!’ And it’s one of my favorite memories of the show to this day…. maybe ever,” she wrote, concluding with the hashtag #feelinsappy.

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For the past nine seasons, since 2009, Hyland has been portraying Haley Dunphy on Modern Family, which will be ending after the forthcoming tenth season it was announced in January.

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Hyland’s walk down memory lane about chicken wings comes a month after she hit back at internet trolls after being thin-shamed, revealing that she has little control over her weight due to her battle with kidney dysplasia, which required her to undergo a kidney transplant in 2012.

“People think that because you’re in the public eye you sign up for criticism from random people and strangers,” she said. “But I’m in this business because I love the craft, and I love the art of it, and I love creating and evoking emotions out of people.”