That other Fergie opens up about her weight struggles in a new interview

By Ellen Tumposky
Updated May 13, 2008 09:40 AM
Focus Pictures/Pacific Coast News

During her “Duchess of Pork” days, Sarah Ferguson says she “used food for comfort,” and her weight ballooned to 220 lbs.

Ferguson, 48, a spokesperson for Weight Watchers for the last 12 years, tells Radio Times in Britain that she keeps talking about diet issues because “one in three children is already diagnosed as obese … we’re eating ourselves to death.”

The duchess recently made a two-part documentary for British television called The Duchess in Hull, in which she moved to Hull, a city in Yorkshire, England, to help a family living in a rough housing project improve their eating habits.

“Weight issues affect people from all walks of life,” Ferguson told

“The family I met in Hull live in a way that I hadn’t experienced – feeding six on a week’s benefits.”