Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams Are Rooting for a Japril Spin-Off: 'We Have a Really Tremendous Partnership'

The fan-favorite couple returns to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital on Thursday night for the season 18 finale

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Japril fans may see their wildest dreams come true one day soon! Beloved Grey's Anatomy characters Dr. April Kepner (Sarah Drew) and Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) are as excited about a potential series focus on their characters as fans are.

Drew, 41, told PEOPLE that she and Williams, 40, have talked "at length" about a potential spin-off following their character's rekindled romance.

"I think it would be a really interesting and fun story to tell," she says. "Jesse and I obviously love working together, and we have a really tremendous partnership, so I wouldn't discount that as a possibility."

She says she knows the fans want it, and she hears their "begging" for a series focused on the two doctors, who were previously married and share a daughter, Harriet.

"As of yet, it's only living in the fandom right now," she says.

The last time viewers got a glimpse of Japril was last season, in Williams' penultimate episode on the long-running medical drama, when he appeared at April's house and asked his ex-wife to move with him to Boston, where he was relocating to take over his family's foundation — a responsibility he'd long been hesitant to embrace. To the delight of viewers, April revealed she and husband Matthew Taylor (Justin Bruening) had divorced, seemingly leaving an opening for a Japril rekindling.

The episode left off with April choosing to move to Boston with their daughter following Jackson's emotional plea: "I would never leave Harriet. I could never, ever leave Harriet, which means I really need you all to come with me. Please."

It was the first time Drew had returned to Grey's since her emotional departure in 2018 after nine seasons. She was initially "devastated" that April and Jackson didn't end up together as she wrapped up her time on Grey's, so the chance to return to the character's stories has been a real treat.

"To walk the halls that I had walked for so many years, and to work with so many of my favorite people was such a gift," she says. "It was super surreal actually."

In Thursday's season finale, fans will get another glimpse into what the future holds for their beloved Japril. "You will see April and Jackson on screen together, which is lovely," Drew says. "And as always, it's such a joy to get to work with Jesse and see him again."

While there's no guarantee of what's to come for Japril, Drew is holding out hope for them.

"I've always said this, that I always wanted them to be endgame. I always wanted them to wind up together. I always loved them together," she said. "So that would be my choice, but I'm not in charge."

If a spin-off series were to come down the pipeline, it's clear that Drew wouldn't hesitate to say yes. "It would be fun to see more of their story. It would be fun to see more of their story in Boston, but who knows?"

Though she's hopeful, she says nothing has been confirmed — neither for a spin-off series, nor her return to the show. "There's been no conversation about me officially returning."

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