Sarah Jessica Parker played Carrie Bradshaw for six seasons of TV and two movies
Credit: HBO/Everett

We couldn’t help but wonder … does Sarah Jessica Parker consider herself a Carrie?

Every Sex and the City fan designates each of her female friends as one of the fabulous foursome: shoe-obsessed relationship columnist Carrie (Parker), sexy publicist Samantha (Kim Cattrall), prim-and-proper art dealer Charlotte (Kristin Davis) or independent attorney Miranda (Cynthia Nixon).

In an interview with Buzzfeed published Thursday for the 10th anniversary of her perfume Lovely, Parker admits that she identifies most closely to her own iconic character – with some key differences.

“It’s funny, I think my son was recently taking a quiz online that asked this question, and I don’t think I got Carrie,” said Parker, 50. “I think in many ways I’m like Carrie because I would much prefer to be interviewing you, for instance. I’m very curious about other people, and that’s why I like the subway. Because I can just watch people. That’s why I like stoops – so I can just watch people. And that’s why I like cities. And I love this city, and I have a fondness that is kind of hard to explain to people, so I can relate to that.”

Still, she said, “I think there’s not a lot about Carrie that is actually similar to my life. Our choices have been so radically different. There are certain kinds of pillars that fundamentally are different. I like clothing, but I don’t have anywhere near a fevered relationship that she does.”

And something tells us she’s never been dumped via Post-it.