"It's in my living room," said Sandra Oh, who is currently nominated for an Emmy for her role in Killing Eve

Sandra Oh may be a Golden Globe-winning actress, but there’s still a lot that fans don’t know about the Killing Eve star.

Speaking with PEOPLE for Editor-in-Chief Jess Cagle’s The Jess Cagle Exercise, Oh revealed multiple little-known facts about herself — including the best thing she’s ever taken from a set.

After her time on Grey’s Anatomy came to an end in 2014, she did keep a piece of memorabilia, which now resides in her house and serves as a reminder of her many seasons on the drama series.

“The best thing I’ve ever taken from a set is the rug in Owen and Cristina’s apartment on Grey’s Anatomy before they broke up,” said Oh, who starred as Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey’s. “It’s in my living room.”

Credit: jillian edelstein

She also reflected on her “very first acting job,” which was a PSA for, ” ‘Don’t drink and drive, kids,’ ” she said with a laugh as she reenacted how she did the commercial years ago.

When it comes to the costar she has a secret crush on, Oh admitted that it’s two Killing Eve castmates: “Fiona Shaw. It’s so not so secret. It’s actually, by the way, it’s not such a secret crush.”

“But you know what? I gotta tell you, my crush is also equally with Jodie. So it’s like, Jodie Comer/Fiona Shaw crush. It’s just a big crush,” said Oh, who received a history-making 2018 best drama actress Emmy nomination for her starring role as Eve Polastri on the BBC America series.

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While she has a girlcrush on her current female costars, it’s two former male cast members she credits for making her laugh the most: Sideways‘ Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church.

“Just watching them is so funny,” said Oh.

Reflecting on her childhood, Oh, 47, also revealed the two TV series that she obsessively watched in her youth and “influenced” her “tremendously” to become the woman she is today: Fame and The Carol Burnett Show.

“I was very young when The Carol Burnett Show came out,” Oh shared, “but that kind of comedy and the spontaneity of her, I think it really deeply affected me within just the joy of performance.”