The actor admonishes entertainment anchor Sam Rubin, saying "We don't all look alike"

By Sheila Cosgrove Baylis
Updated February 10, 2014 03:45 PM

Sam Rubin won’t be making that mistake again.

The entertainment reporter confused his guest, Samuel L. Jackson, with Laurence Fishburne during an interview Monday, and Jackson was not afraid to reprimand the KTLA anchor for his glaring mistake.

When asked if he got a reaction to his Super Bowl commercial, Jackson, who was on the show to promote his new film, Robocop, replied, “What Super Bowl commercial? You’re as crazy as the people on Twitter. I’m not Laurence Fishburne!”

When Rubin apologized and tried to move on, Jackson, 65, made it clear the reporter would not get off that easy.

“We don’t all look alike! We may be all black and famous, but we don’t all look alike! You’re the entertainment reporter for this station, and you don’t know the difference between me and Laurence Fishburne?”

Jackson then gave Rubin a quick who’s who lesson.

“I’m the other guy, ‘what’s in your wallet,’ I’m that guy. There’s more than one black guy doing a commercial. I’m the ‘what’s in your wallet black guy, he’s the car commercial black guy, Morgan Freeman is the other credit card black guy. You only hear his voice though, so you probably won’t confuse him with Laurence Fishburne.”

“And I’ve actually never done a McDonald’s or a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial – I know that’s surprising,” Jackson added.

Rubin later apologized on air. Watch below: