Things get even nastier between the off-again couple – and someone leaves Seaside Heights
Credit: MTV

Sure, Ronnie and Sammi’s relationship has always been punctuated with fights – some of them have been really mean and nasty. But on Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore, the feuding, on-again, off-again couple took it to another level.

Even their jaded roommates – who’ve had plenty of their own drama – seemed disturbed by the vicious name-calling, violent room-trashing and overt attempts to make each other jealous that happened before a night out. (Watch a clip above.)

After coming home from a club, where she danced suggestively with another guy within view of Ronnie, Sammi found her room turned upside down, her belongings tossed outside and her glasses smashed. She decided to confront Ronnie once again.

“All my stuff is ruined. What makes that okay?” Sammi asked.

“You f––ing disrespected me in front of my face,” Ronnie said. “You can dance with a guy in front of me? I was crushed – destroyed. Did I dance with a girl you f––ing idiot … You’re a piece of s–.”

The next morning, Sammi decided she was done with Ronnie and all the drama.

“I am leaving this house. It’s not healthy,” she said. “I just think the best thing for me to do is go home and be done with the whole thing.”

When Sammi said goodbye, there were tears and hugs from her roommates, including Ronnie.

“I never thought there’d be a day that she just left,” Ronnie said. “I miss her and I love her. And I definitely regret all the negative s– I’ve ever done.”