'Samantha Who?' : The Evilist Are the Funniest


Turns out Samantha is (was) even more twisted than we thought–making this episode possibly the funniest yet. Seeing her past self get caught using a wheelchair to have front-row seats at a Blackkawks game had us choking on Coke and in awe of her audacity. It also had us going through the TiVo in our head, remembering other despicable characters you can’t help but love to laugh with. Like …

The Devil (Ray Wise), on Reaper. Every time he sends a shopping cart offscreen to run into a car, you just want to pinch his cheeks. • Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), on How I Met Your Mother. The guy hits the gym to sweeten up the “fat” ones so they’ll date him when they get hot. • Jack (Alec Baldwin), on 30 Rock. He’s “The Man” who shows his No. 2, Liz Lemon, the adorable YouTube video of a baby panda sneezing, then asks her to fire 10 percent of their workforce.

So, which awful TV character makes you laugh the most?


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