Stephen Colbert also provided commentary on the lewd remarks made by the presidential candidate

By Blake Bakkila
Updated October 08, 2016 01:46 PM
Samantha Bee/Twitter

Samantha Bee just flipped the script on Donald Trump‘s lewd bus chat.

In a parody of the presidential candidate’s now-infamous 2005 conversation with Billy Bush, the comedian provides a humorous backlash to the controversial statements Trump and Bush made on the Access Hollywood bus.

Aboard her own bus, Bee started by objectifying a male passerby’s body.

“You know what looks a bit luscious to me? That guy’s balls,” the Full Frontal host said in the video.

And she certainly didn’t stop there.

“Just like to reach up there and grab ’em. Just get in there, you just reach in,” she said.

The woman parodying Bush then admitted, “That’s why I’m on television.”

“Mhmm, look at the nutsack on that guy,” Bee responded. “Like to make a hat out of those balls. Look at those clackers, huh? I’m gonna make those things clap like a Newton’s Cradle.”

The video ends with Bee impersonating Trump with a “[smug sigh].” And the Bee camp took to Twitter to apologize for the “private conversation.”

“To be clear, this was an off-the-record conversation,” she wrote. “I have been the victim of a hack by the media that I hired to cover me. This was just classic girl talk, a private conversation that took place on a heavily promoted special episode of my cable TV show. I’m sorry people felt the way that they felt, but you should hear the things Phyllis Schlafly used to say on the shuffleboard. The mouth on that c—!”

She continued to troll Trump, assuring that men should take her lewd remarks as a compliment.

“Men should be flattered, but if you were offended I will buy you an armoire or something, IDK, men eat that s— up,” she wrote. “Obviously this does not disqualify me from being a highly successful winning late-night host. Lighten up and let’s look to the future.”

Bee wasn’t the only comedian providing some Trump commentary. Stephen Colbert also shared a video, which he captioned, “And now an important message from Stephen Colbert’s den. #TrumpBush2016.”

“In the monologue, a lot of nice material about how Donald Trump does not respect women,” he said, explaining that Friday night’s pre-recorded show would not include anything about the scandal. “We did not know that today, this afternoon, there would be an audio release of the mother load, the El Dorado of Donald Trump misogyny gold. But I have the recording right here, and I’m gonna watch it right now. Here we go.”

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And his reactions were as candid as ever.

“Who’s Nancy? What does move mean? You ‘moved on her’?” he said in the video, watching with deep sighs and a horrific look on his face before adding, “Oh my goodness. Oh my God. All the Tic Tacs in the world will not freshen his breath after this. Oh! Oh my goodness. OK, I think that’s enough. OK, I think I have the idea.”

“Here’s what I really found disgusting: Trump says in the video, ‘When you’re a star, they let you get away with anything.'” he continued. “And unfortunately that’s true, because Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. And hopefully someday he’ll be telling the story about how he tried to f–k America and failed. Have a great debate on Sunday, you guys. [blows a kiss] Happy Columbus Day!”