Sam Heughan Shares Buff Workout Selfie That Has 'Outlander' Fans Swooning: 'Getting After It'

"Hey while u boys are taking selfies I'm just out of frame still putting in work on the bench!! Whenever ur ready youngster?" commented actor Owain Yeoman

Sam Heughan makes working up a sweat look good.

The Outlander star, 38, flaunted his impressive muscles in a tank top in an exercise room selfie on Instagram on Wednesday with Game of Thrones actor Tom Hopper.

“Budapest! Jet lagged and getting after it with my boy @tom.hopperhops,” he captioned the easy-on-the-eyes picture, in which Hopper wore a black t-shirt. “What a beast. #SecretProject #ThatHURT.”

“About time me and my boy @samheughan got after it!” Hopper wrote alongside the same picture. “#firstofmany.”

“Hey while u boys are taking selfies I’m just out of frame still putting in work on the bench!! Whenever ur ready youngster?” commented actor Owain Yeoman, who Hopper invited to take part in a future workout in his caption. Heughan/Instagram
Sam Heughan/Instagram

Heughan’s role has required him to focus on his hair, in addition to his body. “I’m a natural blonde. It gets dyed. It’s pretty horrific,” he told PEOPLE in 2017. “I have to get it dyed a crazy amount — it’s like every three weeks. It’s not easy. It’s hard being a ginger. But I think everybody has a little bit of ginger in them. I’ve got some in my beard.”

Back in 2016, he fantasized about giving up his workout routine altogether. “I’m thinking about getting really fat,” he quipped to Vulture as he pretended to tease season 3. “I’m thinking eating a lot and not working out would be really good.”

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“Do we really want to see that?” he continued to the outlet.

He’s also dished to PEOPLE that his ideal date requires a little exercise. “It would be an outdoor date I imagine,” he shared. “Possibly kayaking and then climbing up a mountain before the sun goes down.”

“Then waking up to the sunrise at the top of the mountain with a bottle of whiskey,” he said. “That’s a certain type of person who wants to do that, isn’t it?”

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