Salt Lake City's Got Girls, Girls, Girls!

The last chance for dancers to take a shot at So You Think You Can Dance glory took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Tuesday night’s episode. Back and ready to pass judgment, Nigel Lythgoe was joined by Mary Murphy and Mia Michaels, who all got an eye full from a local burlesque dancer named Ariana Rowley.

But first, with his red and black striped hair, Bryan Boyer, 21, was the last (and possibly best) hip-hop dancer of the season. Like a marionette without strings, he flopped around the stage, kicking, spinning, slapping and sliding across the stage brilliantly. The judges were all thoroughly pleased by his air walking skills and he moved on, but sadly the breaker broke down in choreography and called it quits.

That was about it for the boys. But Salt Lake City provided plenty of talented and beautiful women — enough to keep a grin on Nigel’s face. But nothing would prepare the judges for the show’s most risqu audition to date. Ariana Rowley, a 21-year-old burlesque dancer (a.k.a. Satin La Rouge) of the Voodoo Darlings, gave the show its first jaw-dropping strip tease. “Can I see that again?” a giddy Nigel said, breaking the silence in the room. “I thought it was absolutely fantastic!” Despite a “no” from Mary, it was good enough to get her to choreography, but there would be no strip tease on the Vegas Strip.

Ballroom was back in a big way with the beautiful and talented Iveta Lukosiute, a Lithuanian dancer now closer to her dream of life in America after her slinky audition. Watch out for married pair Ashleigh and Ryan Di Lello as well. But after two days of anything-can-happen, one more surprise was in store, especially for Leigh Asay, who gasped, “I think I lost a toenail,” after taking a wrong step during her audition. As a medic rushed over with a Band-Aid, she said, “Oh my gosh, the whole thing came off!” A kiss from Nigel and a ticket for her troubles seemed to help the pain.

Next for So You Think You Can Dance, 152 dancers are heading to Vegas, where they must prove that they have what it takes to move on. The season looks jam-packed with talent — quite possibly making it one of the most exciting Vegas weeks ever. –Jed Dreben

Tell us: Who are you rooting for in Las Vegas?

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