She says Francois-Henri Pinault comes to mind as she puckers up on 30 Rock

By People Staff
Updated February 10, 2009 01:00 PM
Credit: David M. Russell

What does Salma Hayek use for inspiration when locking lips with Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock? Her ex-fiancé and current boyfriend, Francois-Henri Pinault.

“I keep telling Francois, ‘I Imagine I was kissing you,’ ” Hayek, who is doing a guest stint on 30 Rock as Baldwin’s girlfriend, said on The Rachael Ray Show for a segment that airs Wednesday.

Hayek, 42, otherwise kept mum about Pinault – they called off their engagement in July though still remain a couple – but had plenty to say about her onscreen love interest.

“I have so much fun with him,” Hayek says of Baldwin. “He is just so precious, I love him.”

Daughter Sees Ghost

The actress also has her hands full with Valentina, her daughter with Pinault. At 16 months, the girl already is trilingual – she speaks English, Spanish and French – and seems to have developed a sixth sense.

“Last night she saw a ghost. I’m convinced,” says Hayek, “Last night she woke up and her eyes were open. And she’s looking at one specific point and she’s going, ‘No no no no, au revoir,’ which means goodbye in French … And she’s looking at someone, but there’s no one there.

I was so scared, and I’m like, ‘Yes, au revoir, whoever you are, get out!’ And then she started saying it in English: ‘Bye bye, bye bye!’ I guess she was trying in different languages to see what nationality this ghost was to go away. It was terrifying!”