Saleisha on How She Won 'Top Model' and More

After winning America’s Next Top Model, Saleisha Stowers was immediately swept up in a flurry of duties befitting a cover girl. But the California beauty took time out of her hectic first day on the job to tell PEOPLE the secret to winning ANTM, what she hopes to accomplish as a top model and how to look good doing it all. –Aaron Parsley

How to win Top Model 1. Go after your dream: “If this is what you really want, then go for it.” 2. Be confident and stay positive: “Leave your personal problems outside of it. It can show in all your photos.” 3. Stay away from the D-R-A-M-A: “It’s hard but just try to get along with the girls.” 4. Listen to the negative criticism: “Withdraw like you’re at the bank and then deposit it.” 5. Don’t hold back: “This is the only time you have to go and show who you are. Give 150 percent, not 100.” Her post-ANTM goals 1. Model for Victoria’s Secret 2. Be in a film 3. Appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Vogue and W 4. Do Fashion Week in Paris 5. Be involved with a charity and give back: “I would love to help out in Africa or wherever I can.”

Her five beauty tips 1. Go natural: “Don’t over do it!” 2. Use Volume Exact by CoverGirl: “I love it to death. It makes you have really full lashes.” 3. Use lip balm more than lip gloss: “Chapstick, I love. Every girl should have it in her purse.” 4. Use tinted moisturizer: “I use Method Hydrating Cream. It gives my face a natural glow.” 5. Red nails: “Maybe it’s the Christmas season.”

Photo: Freddie Reshew/Pottle Productions/CW

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