Megan Mullally Jokes About Emma Stone Turning 30 During 2019 SAG Awards Opening Monologue

Megan Mullally is following in the footsteps of Kristen Bell, who was the award show's first-ever host in 2018

Megan Mullally is in the building.

On Sunday, the Will & Grace star took the stage at the 2019 SAG Awards to deliver the 25th annual award show’s opening monologue.

“I haven’t written anything yet, but that reminds me I should probably get on that,” Mullally joked on the red carpet ahead of the ceremony. “There’s still time.”

But when the show began, Mullally, 60, went on to poke fun at nominated actresses Glenn Close, Lady Gaga and Emma Stone.

“To SAG nominee, the beautiful Emma Stone, who just turned 30,” Mullally said at the Shrine Auditorium to a surprised Stone.

“Our condolences. You had a great run, like a really great run,” she joked. “Extra good. But we’re looking forward to your reverse mortgage loan commercials. They’re going to be great.”

Mullally hosting the 25th annual SAG Awards on Jan. 27. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty

Mullally follows in the footsteps of Kristen Bell — the show’s first-ever host in 2018 — and opened up the night by joking about awards season.

“It is my great privilege to welcome you all to the 25th annual SAG Awards — the night where Hollywood finally shines a spotlight on actors,” said Mullally. “It’s just brave. Look, I mean come on, everybody knows that winning a SAG Award is the greatest honor an actor can receive this weekend.”

Mullally also didn’t shy away from calling out some of the issues that have come to the forefront of Hollywood in recent years.

“Roles for women continue to break new ground,” Mullally said. “Glenn Close played a wife. So that’s new. Melissa McCarthy portrayed a woman who repeatedly apologizes and asks for forgiveness. I was like, what? This is groundbreaking. Emily Blunt played a nanny. And in another film written and directed by her real-life husband John Krasinski, Emily played a mom who wasn’t allowed to speak. I mean, so great not to have to learn any lines, am I right? That was really, really thoughtful of you, John. Thank you.”

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A four-time SAG Awards winner herself, the actress was announced as host in December.

“As a frustrated casting director and full-on fangirl of great actors everywhere, I’m over the moon to be a part of the SAG Awards 25th Anniversary,” she said in a statement.

SAG Awards executive producer Kathy Connell added that she was “delighted to have the talented, warm and funny Megan Mullally to host the SAG Awards Silver Anniversary.”

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“This is a very special year, and we are all looking forward to a memorable show,” she continued.

Speaking to Variety, Mullally said it was “really cool that they asked me to host because [hosts are] not always women.”

“It’s not always women my age. I don’t have 19 million followers on social media,” she said. “I have so many great memories of the SAG Awards. It’s just a fun one to go to, and you see all your friends and sometimes there’s like, Olivia Colman that you can prostrate yourself in front of.”

25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 27 Jan 2019
Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock

She also touched on her preparation process leading up to the big day.

“I had a couple of ideas that are funny that require some shooting some stuff outside of the actual live broadcast, so we’ll see,” she said. “I don’t think I have an inordinate amount of screen time. I’m not on stage for 20 minutes telling a series of amazing political jokes. That’s not going to happen. It’s not going to be political. It’s going to be about actors and celebrating talent.”

The 25th annual SAG Awards are being presented live on both TBS and TNT from the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall in Los Angeles.

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