Sadie Sink Promises 'Stranger Things' Season 4 Will Be the 'Most Bizarre Season We've Ever Had'

The new season of the hit Netflix series debuts on May 27 and the actress tells PEOPLE "the scale of it is out of this world"

Nearly three years have passed since a new season of Stranger Things debuted, but star Sadie Sink promises the upcoming fourth installment pulls out all the stops.

"It's the most bizarre season we've ever had," Sink, 20, tells PEOPLE. "Just the scale of it is out of this world."

The season 4 trailer shows Sink's character, Max Mayfield, mourning the loss of Billy Hargrove — who got killed by the Mind Flayer in season 3 — and levitating at his gravesite. It also introduces an ominous new villain.

"I can't say anything about the floating," Sink notes. "That's a wild episode though."

Sadie Sink

As for the creepy new villain, Sink calls it "really scary."

"We get to explore a lot of different themes and different sides of the characters that everyone knows and loves, so I'm looking forward to it," the actress shares of the fourth season.

Although Sink can't say much else about the upcoming episodes, she can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the show finally has a release date after all these years.

"It's coming!" Sink excitedly says.

Sadie Sink

In February, Netflix announced that the fifth season of the sci-fi drama would be its last. However, Sink says she's not ready to say goodbye just yet.

"I would go on forever if they wanted to," she shares. "We've built a family at this point and it's a really special and unique bond. I'm going to miss everyone."

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As she looks back on her experience with the series, Sink remembers how special she felt at several points along the way, including their season 2 premiere in 2017.

"It was the first time that had a full premiere look," the Texas native explains. "It's a memory that's standing out to me."

Sadie Sink photographed at Jack Studios in New York, NY on April 21, 2022.
Sadie Sink. Sarah Silver

The actress also feels appreciative for the fans who have stuck along for the journey.

"It's crazy just to think how long we've been doing this," she says. "We're so grateful that we still have people who want to watch it."

Season 4 of Stranger Things debuts on Netflix on May 27.

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