February 07, 2018 11:50 AM

Sadie Robertson has learned a lot from her mom over the years, but says there’s one area of wisdom where Korie Robertson excels.

Sadie tells PEOPLE Now that the 44-year-old inspired part of her new bookLive Fearless, because of her approach to fear.

“One of my favorite chapters in the book, it talks about being a friend of fear,” explains the Duck Dynasty star. “My mom is, like, the biggest help because, like you said, sometimes you feel crazy because it doesn’t really make sense why you’re afraid.”

Adds the 20-year-old, “My mom is the most fearless person I’ve ever met. She’s just literally a picture of peace. She just walks into the future and laughs, like nothing bothers her.”

And although conquering fears isn’t something Korie is cowed by, she’s still wise when it comes to guiding her daughter through it.

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Dove Awards

“She came on my level almost,” says Sadie. “She didn’t become afraid and she didn’t justify my fear. But she like grabbed my hand and she pulled me out.”

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Adds the star, “She actually learned so many verses in the Bible about being fearless even though that’s not what she struggled with, just to speak it over me.”

Live Fearless is available now.

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