How Sadie Robertson Is Helping Over 5,000 Brides Whose Weddings Were Affected by Coronavirus

The Duck Dynasty star is sending special gifts to brides-to-be who had to cancel or postpone their weddings

Sadie Robertson
Photo: Sadie Robertson/Instagram

Couples across the country have been forced to cancel or postpone their weddings amid the coronavirus pandemic — and Sadie Robertson wants to help lift their spirits.

The Duck Dynasty star, who married her fiancé Christian Huff last fall, reached out to the brides-to-be amongst her followers on Monday with a special message.

“I know so many people are being affected by COVID-19 in many different ways, but a group of people that has especially been on my heart lately are the ones who have had to cancel/postpone their weddings due to the circumstances,” she wrote. “Being a bride this past year, I know how much planning, scheduling, anticipation and excitement goes into your wedding day.”

“I have been racking my brain with what I can do to help, and I know nothing can fix the frustration that would come having to cancel or postpone your wedding, but I would love to encourage you on what would have been your big day,” she continued. “You are not alone — you are so seen — I have spoken to a couple people who’s [sic] weddings have been affected, and I know there are many more.”

Robertson, 22, asked any brides affected by the current circumstances to comment their wedding date on her post. She also provided them with a form to fill out with their address and details about their wedding and relationship.

“I want to send you a little something on that day to lift your spirits, because even though it might not be your wedding day it should most definitely be a SPECIAL DAY,” she said.

She also said she would be giving those brides three months of free access to her website, LO Fam, where she recently launched a bridal support group.

“I know there are a lot of you going through this, perhaps you can be there for one another,” she said. “I’m so with you — sending so much love to all of you girls, XO.”

But in just one day, Robertson received 40,000 comments and “thousands of forms,” she announced in a follow-up post.

“Keep in mind this is just ya girl sending something out with my little team. All that being said we are working our little quarantine butts off to get the quantity of gifts to send y’all,” she wrote. “But with the large number we had to cap it at 5,000 brides for now.”

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That said, Robertson said she would still be providing a LO Fam code to everyone who filled out a form on Monday. For brides who were late to fill out the form but are still interested, Robertson is offering one month of free access to the site through the link in her bio.

“We are almost done setting up our bridal support group that you can join with all of these other amazing girls in the same situation as you,” she promised. “I am also working on writing a workshop we can all do together in this group during our quarantine time.”

“LOVE YALL!” she added. “Now I’m gonna get to writing and getting you out a little gift XO!”

As of Wednesday morning, there are now at least 53,852 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States and 728 people in the country have died from coronavirus-related illness.

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