Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff tied the knot in November on her family's farm in Louisiana


Happy birthday, Christian Huff!

Sadie Robertson celebrated her husband's 22nd birthday with a touching Instagram tribute on Tuesday, writing,  "you are my better half."

"PDA FOR A PSA::: ITS MY HUSBANDS BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Crazy that a year ago from today I called you my FIANCÉ for the first time and it felt so strange. Wild how one year has gone by and husband is the most natural thing to call you. You are my better half," she wrote. "You’re fearless, wise, patient, slow to speak, quick to listen, and a friend at every moment. You are shy to some, but the goofiest when you’re comfortable and I’m honored to get to see your crazy. Hahaha."

Along with the message, Robertson posted a series of photos of the couple, including a few showing off some warned-about PDA.

The Duck Dynasty star continued her heartfelt message, praising her husband's faith and character.

"You are confident in who you are and each year I see you becoming more solid in that. I adore that about you. You’re the best tennis partner, travel partner, workout buddy, picnic date, and car ride dancer. I love seeing how in love you are with Jesus. Your relationship with Him inspires me every single day," she wrote. "You are a good man Christian Huff and you’re only 22! Crazy... can’t wait to see you at 82 old man sitting beside you in a rocking chair talking about what we are reading while I drink only half my matcha and you sing 'and another matcha bites the dust'!"

Touching on the current state of the world, Robertson concluded by expressing how thankful she is to have Huff to walk through life with.

"It’s been a crazy year for us in our personal lives and certainly in the world as we all know, but I’m thankful to be so up close to someone like you in times like these. You give so much hope by who you are and who you let shine through you," she said. "During so much change you are such a constant. I am so thankful for that. I could go on and on and I could post 179302 pictures but here are 10 happys from this year with a whole lot of words I think of you ❤️ now that we are both 22 for 2 days let’s wear out 22 by Tay Swift for the next 48 hours! you’re wife is crazy about you - happy birthday."

Robertson and Huff tied the knot in November on her family’s farm in Louisiana.

In an evening ceremony on Nov. 25, 2019, officiated by Pastor Louie Giglio, the couple said “I do” in front of more than 600 guests on a tennis court, which was transformed into a romantic-looking garden.

Sadie Robertson
Christian Huff and Sadie Robertson
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“Christian is so kind and so affirming of who I am as a person. He makes me a lot stronger. I just feel like equally, we make each other better when we’re together,” Robertson previously told PEOPLE of Huff.

“When somebody makes you better and they’re your best friend in the world, you don’t want to spend a day without them. So we’re excited to not have to spend the day without each other,” she said of Huff, who popped the question in June 2019. “I love his adventurous spirit in life, how much my family loves him, so we’re excited to be able to officially call him family.”