Girl Meets World actress and singer Sabrina Carpenter has visited children's hospitals across the country

September 06, 2016 06:00 PM

Girl Meets World star Sabrina Carpenter has visited children’s hospitals across the country on behalf of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation – an organization that seeks to enrich the lives of today’s youth through entertainment and education focused initiatives.

Little did she know that the children would enrich her life just as much as she would theirs.

“I was in Philly and I met this little girl named Alison,” the 19-year-old tells PEOPLE Now. “And she said to me, ‘I want to be just like you when I grow up.’ And I said, ‘Why would you want to do that?’ ”

Her answer was as simple as it was sweet: ” ‘Because you’re so happy!’ ”

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Carpenter was profoundly moved by the sentiment. “I think it was so incredible because all those kids are going through so much in their lives – so much more than any of us realize – and they’re still so positive. That made me incredibly happy – happier than even she thought I was!”

In addition to her hit television show, Carpenter’s sophomore album, EVOLution is due out on Oct. 14. Find more information on the Ryan Seacrest Foundation here.

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