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September 17, 2010 04:00 PM

With her pillbox hats, shift dresses and oversized shades, Jackie O. single-handedly changed the face of American style during (and after) her time in the White House. But to some designers, following in her fashionable footsteps wasn’t so easy.

On Thursday’s Runway, the show’s remaining nine were asked to create American sportswear inspired by Jackie O., while also maintaining their points of view as designers. And though the trip to Mood went smoothly, in the workroom, several people struggled: namely Valerie, who couldn’t seem to make a decision, Michael C., who made a second garment when he didn’t love the first, and Mondo, who wanted to put his unconventional stamp on the genre.

Andy also dealt with construction issues as he created a pair of wide-legged cropped pants, prompting Tim Gunn to observe that “Jackie Kennedy would not have camel toe.” But those weren’t the only surprising words out of Tim’s mouth: he also informed designers that there was a twist to the challenge, and they’d be postponing their runway show a day to create a piece of outerwear to accompany their garments.

To “Captain Outerwear” Michael D., this was a snap, but Valerie again worried about her garment – especially since she’d already created a jacket-like top. And Christopher added a slightly controversial fur shawl to his shimmering silver dress, a move even he felt badly about.

On the runway, his garment definitely looked expensive (if not boring), in contrast to Michael C.’s racy blue cocktail dress and April’s mod black pencil skirt and zip-up top. Michael D. anointed himself the loser as soon as his too-short, too-full skirt hit the catwalk.

Christopher, Ivy and Mondo landed in the top, all earning props from the judges (and guest judge January Jones). Ivy’s sharp top and pants combo was a hit, though her sheer jacket was a bit ill-fitting (supposedly purposefully), and Chris’s dress was January’s favorite (though Heidi Klum compared his fur shawl to a “dirty old rug”). But ultimately Mondo won (yay!) for a beautifully done jacket, top and skirt combination that was harmoniously mismatched. “It was clean, classic, but still contemporary and bold,” Heidi said.

Sadly, Valerie, Michael D. and Andy found themselves on the bottom. Valerie’s worst fear came true when Heidi pointed out her model was wearing a “jacket over a jacket,” but the judges were particularly brutal toward Michael D. and Andy for their lame looks. Michael D. ended up going home for his drab skirt, top and jacket, which Michael Kors called “schizophrenic Jackie Kennedy.”

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