"It's also not about how to get a man and keep a man," Corbin Reid tells PEOPLE about the Sex and the City comparisons

By Dory Jackson
June 20, 2021 09:00 AM
Corbin Reid
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Starz's new comedy Run the World has drawn a lot of comparisons to other shows since its debut last month, including Living Single and Insecure. Sex and the City, however, is not one that star Corbin Reid agrees with.

"We've gotten it a lot and it's an honor to get that. That show's iconic. I grew up on that show," Reid, 33, tells PEOPLE exclusively. "Leigh Davenport, who wrote [Run the World] and created it, made a really funny point. She was like, 'That's fine. Compare us to Sex and the City all you want, but make sure we get all the seasons and the two movie deals.' It's like, just make sure we get treated as that franchise [did] and we're good. We'll take it."

Reid, who plays PhD student Sondi Hill on the series, points out what she believes the "main difference" is between the two shows. "Sex and the City is more about dating in Manhattan and our show ... it's more about their friendship, really. Their friendship is at the center of it," she says.

"It's also not about how to get a man and keep a man," she explains. "All four of them are in established relationships and you're not wondering, 'Oh, no, are they going to make it? Are they going to find someone? Is there anyone out there for them?' There's not that feeling."

The actress continues, "Also, I just think it explores more of their life than Sex and the City did, in terms of their careers. You really see them in the workplace, and a lot of the conflict and the growth happens there. And [you see them] in their friendship, like I said before, and even a little bit of family stuff comes into play, which is nice. The men are definitely in it and they're a huge important part of the show and their relationships are a part of the show. But the whole drama of it doesn't center around that."

Run the World comes 17 years after Sex and the City — which is being revived at HBO Max as And Just Like That — wrapped on HBO in 2004 after six seasons. Unlike the beloved Sarah Jessica Parker-led series that follows four women navigating Manhattan's dating scene, Run the World tells the story of four Harlem-based women who are striving to have it all.

Reid says she wanted to land a role on the show "so badly" because she fell in love with the four characters.

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"All of these women are me. These are the women I know," she explains. "They sound like me, they act like me. They walk like me. They look like me. It just felt like the perfect pair of jeans. But when I got Sondi, it was like, 'This is me. This is very, very much me.' So I was very, very excited about it."

According to Reid, what allows Run the World — which also stars Amber Stevens West, Andrea Bordeaux and Bresha Webb — to feel "authentic" is that it's "a show about Black women and it's a show for Black women, but they're written like human beings," the How to Get Away with Murder alum says. "They're so relatable and they're so complex and diverse in how they move through the world."

Corbin Reid
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Though starring on Run the World has been a dream opportunity for Reid, the Minnesota native — who got her start on Broadway and appeared in 2016's Blair Witch — hopes to explore other diverse acting opportunities in the future.

"I definitely want to play a superhero. I'm a super athletic person. I'm an avid runner, weight lift and I'll do anything, honestly. Physical box, rock climb. I just love to move my body and be active," she says. "So I feel like doing a role that would be physically challenging where I would get to train and change my body into something that also melds with storytelling would be so exciting and so cool. But also I would love to play any singer."

She adds, "I've always said, 'I want to play Whitney [Houston].' I feel like that would just be amazing. She is a huge, huge idol of mine. So that would be incredible. Also, I want to play a villain. That's a huge goal too. I feel like I've gotten to play a lot of good girls and Sondi's a little bit more sassy and brazen, but I want to play a villain because I feel like those are the hardest roles that you play."

Run the World airs Sundays (8:30 p.m. ET) on Starz.